Information to help plan for Winter and where to find emergency support in Midlothian.

  • Emergency Response: This Winter Response Guide details the Council/volunteer response to requests for shopping, prescriptions etc.
  • Hardship: MFIN has produced a Winter Guide on where to refer clients who are experiencing hardship, with a particular emphasis on fuel poverty.
  • Older People: Midlothian Older People’s Assembly has produced a Winter Newsletter with lots of excellent resources for getting through the winter.
  • Disabled People: Forward Mid has produced a Winter Newsletter, Forward Mid are the representative organization for disabled people in Midlothian.
  • Getting Ready for Winter: MVA has produced their annual Getting Ready for Winter Newsletter, this newsletter is aimed at third sector organisations and has a lot of useful information about preparing for winter, and what to do if we have bad weather.
  • Flu Information: NHS Inform has information about Flu and the Flu Vaccination programme in Scotland.

The following information is also on the COVID-19 Information & Resources page and has been included here as it can be used for Winter planning and support.

  • Funding for people in hardship: Support is available from Midlothian Council’s Food and Key Essentials Fund for local people who are in financial difficulty and struggling to buy food, fuel or other essentials.
  • Emergency Food Provision: MFIN has produced an Emergency Food Leaflet containing information about emergency food provision in Midlothian.
  • Emergency Guide: Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership has produced an Emergency Guide which brings together all the numbers you should need to support vulnerable clients on issues such as money, food, fuel, seeing a GP etc.